Picard’s Beer Nuts A snack size portion of Picard’s locally-made beer nuts.

Picard’s Potato Chips Picard’s locally-made potato chips. Choice of flavours. Small (50g) or Large (220g).

Soft Pretzel Warm pretzel with vegan egg wash and salted with grainy dijon mustard.

Baked Brie Baked brie, red chili pepper jelly, 2 types of crackers, house made pickles and pickled onions with smoked salt, beer nuts, dried fruit, and garnished with fresh thyme. Swap out the brie for vegan cheese! Add a curried pickled egg $2.

Butter Tart with Ice Cream Toasted Butter Tart topped with French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Jamaican Patties From Jamaican Patty Shack! Mild beef, curry chicken, or vegetarian. Add a Coco Bun & Pickled Onions!